PCT is a versatile natural post-cycle supplement that aids bodybuilders and athletes in detoxifying the body when the cycle comes to the end and in retaining gains.

This legal product flushes the system, fights off oxidative stress, and decreases synthesis of free radicals, the concentration of which dramatically raises after intense workouts.

This testosterone booster was developed as an auxiliary tool that has to be applied along with the other CrazyBulk products to support the results got after the intake of such products.



This is an essential mineral which is definitely very crucial for any athlete or bodybuilder because it greatly supports athletic performance.

In particular, the athletes have to take care of the prevention of zinc deficiency because zinc is irreplaceable for speedy metabolism and optimal cell division.

If these 2 processes occur properly, successful muscle mass growth and muscle tissue repair after hard workouts become possible.

Also, zinc takes an active part in the synthesis of hormones, especially testosterone.
Due to this, the lean muscle mass increases quickly in a natural way.

In addition, it’s clinically proven that zinc gives a boost to aerobic capacity which is an indicator of the oxygen amount delivered to the muscles by the body.

If aerobic capacity is poor, athletic performance dramatically plummets, while muscle gains are insufficient.

And the study demonstrated that zinc supplementation helps maximize aerobic capacity.

Tribulus Terrestri

This flowering plant has fruits widely used in sports supplementation industry. It has notable testosterone boosting properties.

Thus, the supplementation with this plant contributes to the elevation of natural testosterone levels.

And this is why the athletes and bodybuilders often choose Tribulus Terrestris as PCT.

Due to the ability of the plant to raise testosterone levels, it is also effective for the enhancement of lean muscle mass development.

Also, this ingredient helps maintain anabolic state stability, accelerates muscle tissue repair, and decreases breaks needed by the muscles to restore and revitalize.

According to the study, Tribulus Terrestris supplementation is useful for the powerlifters and strength athletes who need to substantially increase strength.

Now, the athletes also take this plant as a pre-workout product which is able to supercharge mental focus and elevate natural energy levels.

Epimedium Extract

This herbal extract is appreciated by the bodybuilders, weightlifters, and strength training athletes since it is considered a great intensifier of nitric oxide production.

Thus, the extract is rich in icariin which makes the body synthesize a higher amount of nitric oxide.

This chemical compound is responsible for the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels.

When these effects occur, blood supply to the muscles improves. It means that a substantially higher amount of hormones, proteins, and nutrients reaches the muscles.

And as a result, the muscles will repair and enlarge much faster.

This PCT ingredient is suitable for the strength athletes who aspire to boost fitness, stimulate muscle size increase, enhance strength, and cut recovery time after highly-intense exercises.

Also, this ingredient relieves joint soreness and lowers physical and mental tiredness in athletes.

Nettle Root Extract

The extract derived from nettle root is imbued with minerals and vitamins, especially potassium, magnesium, and calcium which are very important for proper muscle contraction.

The bodybuilders use this extract in order to lift testosterone levels in a natural way.

The study conducted by Bastyr University showed that nettle extract has an excellent ability to be bound to sex hormone-binding globulin instead of testosterone which is usually available in the bloodstream in the bound form and can’t perform its functions successfully.

But when nettle extract frees up this hormone, free testosterone levels raise.

And then hormone will fully unleash its muscle-building and athletic performance-reviving potential.

Also, there is some scientific proof that nettle extract can ease join pain and hence give the athletes an opportunity to work out efficiently in any conditions.

Milk Thistle Seed

This is a flowering plant typical for the Mediterranean region.

This post cycle therapy ingredient has a unique property; that is, it greatly copes with oxidative stress.

According to the study conducted in 2015, this plant makes the body much more resistant to the development of oxidative stress.

The ingredient does this by naturally eliminating toxins from your body.

As you already know, oxidative stress is one of the worst enemies for the athletes and bodybuilders which they struggle against after tough workouts in particular and after cycle in general.

When combating oxidative stress manifestations, you will be able preserve your cycle gains.

In addition, milk thistle has a clinically proven ability of bone loss prevention. When your bones are strong and healthy, you will easily reach your athletic goals.

Grape Seed Extract

As it’s clear from the name, this extract is made from grape seeds which contain a very high amount of different antioxidants such as anthocyanins, oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, and flavonoids.

Due to the availability of all these natural substances, the extract comes to rescue when it’s necessary to fight oxidative stress, prevent tissue damage, deal with inflammation, an even remove toxins from the body.

That’s why it was included to PCT formula.

Thus, the study has confirmed that the daily supplementation with grape seed extract helps substantially decrease oxidative stress.

Also, the ingredient takes part in tissue repair mainly due to the fact of collagen production improvement. This enabling the athletes to overcome muscle injuries and recover after exhausting exercises quickly.

In addition, grape seed extract participates in adequate bone formation. It works by improving bone density and strength.

That’s why it’s a valuable extract for the athletes and bodybuilders.

Saw Palmetto Berry

This ingredient got from saw palmetto berries is filled with fatty acids and phytosterols.

It won fame due to its amazing potential to maintain natural testosterone levels high.

It acts by suppressing special enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase that turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is not beneficial for the athletes.

In such a way, testosterone levels remain optimal.

Thus, according to the clinical trial, this herbal compound can make DHT levels drop by 32%. As a result, your athletic performance will considerably improve and muscle mass will grow.

Also, this ingredient helps the body to rest after the intake of testosterone boosting products. So, it’s a worthy PCT pick.

Oat Straw Extract

The extract received from the whole oat straw herb is touted as a strong energy support remedy suitable for the athletes who run strenuous workouts.

Thus, it’s a source of energy which is so needed for each athlete in order to effectively do highly intense exercises in the gym.

This natural ingredient not only makes you perform better during your workout sessions, but also facilitates and accelerates nitric oxide transportation throughout the body.

Due to this, the muscles receive much more oxygen and nutrients required for active muscle growth and muscle preservation.

In addition, the extract has an anti-fatigue, anti-anxiety, and restorative action which is crucial for all athletes.

The Bottom Line

Post Cycle Therapy product from CrazyBulk is an excellent option of natural origin for those bodybuilders and athletes who don’t want to lose their bodybuilding gains and at the same time need to free up their bodies from toxins and support overall health.

This product helps get rid of toxins which reduce sports performance and struggles against oxidative stress after exhaustive workouts which negatively affects health.

It’s a safe and non-prescription pick that should be considered instead of prescription PCT.