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Have you started to feel like you don’t have any energy? Are you starting to get more belly fat even though you have the same routine? Has your sexual drive gone away? If so, there’s a good chance you are suffering from low testosterone. For men, testosterone is vital and keeps the body healthy in many ways…

Boost Energy

Low testosterone can leave you tired and drowsy, no matter how much sleep you may get. Testosterone supplements help get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing through the body, helping you feel invigorated and awake all day long. 

Effect of testosterone boosters on body functions

As men age, it becomes more difficult to achieve the muscle density they were able to build up at age twenty. Having consistent and high levels of testosterone plays a vital role in muscle building and also retaining muscle mass. 

Brain Function

It has been proven that higher testosterone levels correlate with healthy brain function. Memory improves and mental illnesses can be avoided. Additionally, high testosterone levels are key to sexual health and improving libido. The benefits of testosterone are truly endless!

With testosterone being so important, you need to make sure that your testosterone levels are where they need to be. Natural testosterone boosters are one of the best ways to increasing your testosterone levels naturally without any synthetic testosterone involved. We offer only the top products and have a guarantee to back it up.

Coleus Forskohlii Extracts

Typically used for weight loss applications, coleus forskohlii improves serum free testosterone levels and reduces fat composition for body better performance. Dual daily dosage of 250mg of coleus Forskohlii with 10% forskolin is proven to be remarkably effective resulting in amplified sex drive and increased vitality and energy.

Fenugreek Seed Extracts

Ripe dried seeds contain numerous nutrient benefits and additionally boost testosterone production. Fenugreek improves androgen levels and concurrently suppresses oestrogen levels thus increase the amount of bio-available testosterone. This translates to muscle strength and better sexual health, among other benefits such as weight loss and arthritis remedy.

•Foods rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6/B12/C, Bromelain enzyme and other testosterone enhancers include raw oysters, citrus fruits, avocado, pumpkin seeds, bananas, as well as protein-rich diets.
Mother Nature provides some of the most successful ways of resolving contemporary health issues with definite lasting and side-effect free results. A natural testosterone booster coupled with a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, sleep, fluids, avoiding stimulants, and living stress-free delivers on its promise.

You Need Testosterone to Keep Your Brain Sharp
A lot of people fear senile dementia. No one wants to lose their mental acuity as they age. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer declines in mental acuity with age. While it is of course impossible to completely eliminate your chances of developing dementia, achieving and maintaining a high testosterone level can help you to keep yourself sharp, even well into your golden years.
Testosterone is essential for mental acuity. If you need to think quickly and well, you need lots of testosterone. Although most people are only familiar with testosterone’s effects on the muscles, it has equally powerful effects on the brain. High testosterone helps to stimulate creative and bold thinking. Low testosterone saps creativity.
Low Testosterone Makes Concentrating Difficult
One of the most powerful effects of low testosterone on the brain is decreased concentration. Your ability to concentrate throughout the day is partially dependent on how much testosterone you have circulating in your system. This is partly why elderly people tend to have problems with concentration.

How Does Testosterone Affect Your Libido?

Testosterone, which is found in both males and females, has a big role to play in enhancing a person’s libido or sex drive. Libido, which is the desire to engage in sexual activity, varies significantly in different people, depending on their circumstances at any one time it can therefore not be looked at in isolation as it is also affected by biological, social and psychological components, things such as work, family relations, stress and other external factors. Nevertheless, the relationship between testosterone and libido is without a doubt strong, as we will show you here.

The level of the hormone testosterone in the blood will directly impact sexual interest in women; this explains why during ovulation, women exhibit a heightened sexual drive because their testosterone levels gradually increase just before ovulation and up to a few days after ovulating and achieving the optimum levels at around the 13th day of their menstrual cycle. After this period, the sex drive drops rapidly which is the same time when testosterone levels are also at their lowest.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

This period after ovulation cycle is also related to the difficulty of a woman achieving orgasm during sexual activity. As women become older, from 40years onwards, less of testosterone and other sex hormones are produced reaching about half the levels they were at age 20 and stop completely at menopause. This explains why libido diminishes with age.

In men, testosterone levels will also have a direct effect on their libido and further to their ability to having fully satisfying sex both for them and their partners. In extreme cases, erectile dysfunctions, overall lack of interest in sex as well as actual sexual performance have been related to low levels of testosterone in the blood which will ultimately affect libido. It is normal for sex drive in men to vary with age, where it is at its optimum during their teenage years and up to late 20’s then starts declining gradually. External factors such as lack of enough sleep, stressful conditions, frequency and opportunities to engage in sex will also affect overall libido, this can cause a lag in libido even when testosterone levels are at a high level.

APE, also known as “Alpha Performance Enhancer”, with its unique name rouses ideas of powerful “alpha males” with their immense muscle mass from head to toe. The variety of benefits from APE are just as immense as the muscles: getting past exercise ruts and plateaus, increasing testosterone availability through greater production, boosting stamina for the body, enhancing performance to a level you’ve never seen before, and even defeating reason by helping you achieve the body composition you only dreamed of. It’s APE’s rare nutrient blend that makes it all possible.

One special ingredient of APE is the trademarked Testosurge, which is completely free of side effects. It comes mainly from the extract known as Fenugreek, which provides Testosurge with the enzyme known as “aromastace”. Aromastace helps boost the body’s testosterone levels because it is able to prevent hormones from converting to estrogen (feminine hormones). Additionally, Testosurge helps with fat loss with the enzyme “lipase”. Increased testosterone and improved fat burning enzymes paired together is the perfect duo for improving body composition!
Another major component in the APE formula is the trademarked Glycocarn, which improves produciton of nitric oxide. With more nitric oxide, the body has increased blood flow and oxygen. These factors will help you see a noticable change with athleticism and muscle mass, which is why nitric oxide supplements are common within the sports industry.
Can you see why APE is rated as high as it is? The highly condensed ingredients and multi vitamins guarantee results – and fast. Consider APE if energy, motivation, muscle growth, and – above all – that mega testosterone boost are what you’re looking for! It’s the dietary supplement you won’t want to pass up. 

• GlycoCarn®
GlycoCarn, as mentioned above, is a nitric oxide bososter. It’s a blend of glycine propionyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride. Just the boost any athlete or body builder needs for high intensity workouts.
• TestoSurge™
As mentioned above, TestoSurge contains Fenugreek extract to provide testosterone increase. It also contains the seed of Trigonella foenum gracum. These two herbs together help boost body composition by the elimination of fat and providing more male hormones in your system.
• Maca Extract 4:1
Maca comes from the roots of the “lipidum meyenii”, a Peruvian plant found high in the mountains. It helps to generate better blood flow, providing all-around cardiovascular health. Sexual health and extended energy levels are several of the other benefits provided by the Maca extract.
• Indole-3 Carbinol
Many every day vegetables contain Indole-3 Carbinol. However, by reproducing chemically in a lab we can obtain even more of this valuable substance through vitamins and supplements. Carbinol has proven effects for preventing and treating certain cancers and tumors.
• EuryGold™ (std. to 28% glycosaponins, 20% polysaccharides)
EuryGold comes from the root of the Eurycoma Longifolia plant, also known as “Long Jack”. It is similiar to other testosterone supplements with its benefits of muscle growth and energy boosts. 
• Bioperine®
This comes from the extract of black pepper, or “Piper nigrum”. Bioperine has been proven through studies and tests to help increase absorption of nutrients into the body by increasing bioavailability levels. 
• Other Ingredients
Gelatin, rice flour, silica, magnesium stearate and titanium dioxide.


Do I need to a bodybuilder for A.P.E. to be effective?
No; anyone who takes A.P.E. will see results. However, it’s true that when daily exercise are a part of your lifestyle, you will see more results than you would by just taking the supplement alone.

A list of the best testosterone supplements

The intake instructions are as follows: five (5) days per week, take one serving per day. One seriving is two (2) capsules. For best results, take your daily serving approximately an hour before your workout. You can take A.P.E. for a consecutive 8-12 weeks after which a 4 week break is required. 



• Saw Palmetto “Serenoa Repens” Extract
When the fruit is ripe, the Saw Palmetto provides a unique herbal extract which has been used for centuries as medicine for a variety of ailments. It’s rich with fatty acids and phytosterols, providing aid for digestion problems, muscle pain, hormone imbalance, even baldness. 
• Astaxanthin “Haematococcus Pluvialus” Extract 
Astaxanthin is extracted from a form of algae found in fresh water. Rich with vitamins and minerals, it is often found in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It acts as an anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Studies have shown that Astaxanthin also has benefits for mental health.
• Rhodiola “Rhodial Crenulata” Extract 
The Rhodiola extract is taken from the plant known as “Rhodiola Rosea”. This plant thrives in cold climates and high altitudes – notibly found in areas of China. Scientists have proven that the Rhodiola extract has mood enhancing characteristics.
• Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
The Ginkgo Biloba is a popular ingredient of many herbal supplements because of its variety of benefits. The tree itself is a very unique phenomenon. The Ginkgo Biloba tree lives up to a thousand years and can grow up to heights of 120 feet. Its leaves have many different healing qualities such as improving memory and treating blood conditions. 

• Boron Citrate (as active Boron)
Many are familiar with “Boron” – the element seen on the Periodic Table of Elements. Fewer have heard of the compound Boron Citrate, which is an enhanced versoin of Boron. It helps calcium to be effectively absorbed and used in the body; conditions such as osteoporosis can be prevented through Boron Citrate supplements.
• Other ingredients: Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide


Will this require a prescription?
No. Since Alpha Test is 100% natural and simply a dietary supplement, it does not need a prescription to buy or use. However, with any questions concerning supplements in accordance with your own personal health history, a doctor’s consultation is advised. 

Is there a certain diet I need to stick to for Alpha Test be be effective?
Alpha Test will be most effective when you also include healthy eating and daily exercise in your lifestyle. However, Alpha Test will still provide positive effects without such lifestyle. 

How and when do I take it?
Twice daily, take two (2) capsules of Alpha Test with a glass of water. 

Testo Factor

Get The Testosterone Levels You Need
Normal testosterone levels are essential for a man to feel like himself.  That’s because testosterone is one of the main hormone’s in your body.  Not only does it help you to build muscle mass, but it helps you have energy and endurance, sleep well, controls your libido and mood and concentration.  With testosterone being such an important hormone, you can’t afford to have low testosterone levels.
Have any of these problems happened to you recently?  Do you have a decreased sexual drive? Have you lost muscle mass or increased your body fat?  Have you been depressed and moody?  Are you having problems concentrating?  Are you getting tired just going through your normal routine?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have low testosterone.  Low testosterone does more than just affect the amount of muscles you have.  If you have low testosterone, your overall quality of life is going to be diminished.  
Testo Factor is the best testosterone supplement on the market.  With Testo Factor, you’ll get proven ingredients that increase your testosterone levels.  You’ll be able to get the energy you need, build the muscle you want and just feel better.  Best of all, Testo Factor comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  That means you have no risk!  Start taking Testo Factor today and get your life back.

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