How We Got Here

APOV members are listed by the The State of Vermont with  A Roster Called:

The State Roster of Psychotherapists, Non-licensed and Non-Certified, which is maintained at the office Professional Regulation, in the Office of the Secretary of State, in Montpelier.

This roster provides a list of such practitioners, their addresses and qualifications, and also a grievance procedure for processing complaints, if and when any should arise.

The creation of the roster gives the public an opportunity to choose from a broad spectrum of professional traditions, philosophies, and working styles, together with a great measure of safety and redress. In this, Vermont has been a leader and a role model to other States who are considering how to serve the public in a more inclusive manner. APOV members are legal to practice in the State of Vermont because of this Roster.

Associate Membership in APOV:  This is available for people who, because they are licensed,  or do not practice psychotherapy, do not need to be on the State Roster, but share the purposes and principles of APOV.

Our Purposes Are:

  • To promote excellence in psychotherapeutic helping disciplines.
  • To increase public awareness of and access to the rich diversity of psychotherapeutic helping modalities – ancient, traditional, and modern – that recognize the connections among the body, mind, emotions, and spirit, and that focus and build on wellness and on the ability of individuals to participate in their own healing and their interactions with others and with society.
  • To respond to the interests and concerns of members.