What We Are

Our Efforts Include:

Setting ethical standards of conduct and practice, encouraging and furthering the professional development of our members, providing access to confidential peer support and consultation; peer review of our members in response to consumer concerns; cooperation in client care with other helping disciplines; providing information to the public and ourselves as to the effectiveness of various therapies in providing healing and/or improvements in the quality of life, in a cost-effective manner.


  • Embrace diverse models of therapy, including non-diagnostic and non- procedural ones, with great mutual respect consistent with professional standards. Honor the connections among mind, body, spirit, and the emotions.
  • Hold an attitude of unconditional regard for our clients.
  • Believe that psychotherapy is a positive educational and spiritual process which can focus constructively on growth and enhancement of the quality of life.
  • Advocate to protect the right of Vermonters to have access to all helping disciplines.
  • Are represented in the State regulatory process.
  • Provide opportunities for collegial sharing of our several disciplines and philosophies, as well as for further professional development.
  • Have members in every portion of the State.
  • Welcome as Associate Members persons who are licensed or certified, and interested non-therapists.
  • Publish a directory of our members, by geographical distribution.