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Aloha all, I just finished editing my profile on David Brockway in the Hawaii region section for therapist. Thanks to all especially Ray. I look forward to meeting all you members and talking story, so this is what they say here! I uploaded a pic, but not sure where it went, not on my profile! Oh well. Mahalo, which means thank you and goodbye for now! P.S. I am originally from New England. Stay warm!  It is March 15th. 2013

Shamanism – our oldest spiritual path.

Shamanism has existed in all countries and all cultures for at least 40,000 years.  It has existed so widely and for so long because it was of significant help to the population the Shaman serves.

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Spirituality – Not for the Faint of Heart

Spirituality sounds good, and it can be, very good, beyond your wildest dreams!  But  there is an admission sequence.  And maintenance is required.

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Recovery is Process

Recovery, whether from an illness or addiction or mental health difficulty, it is a process that a client has to permit him or her self to go thru.

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Diagnosis=Bad for Immune System

Studies have shown that when a client is given a diagnosis, even a good one, clients immune system receives an immediate negative hit.

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