In 1993 the State of Vermont passed Act 98, a law prohibiting the practice of psychotherapy by anyone not licensed. The Act 98 Action Committee was created in response to that law. The Office of Professional Regulation placed a moratorium on the enforcement of Act 98 and mandated public meetings be held throughout the State.

Through that process, many legislators became informed of the enormous diversity within the field and the impact the law had on a large group of practitioners and their clients.

Peter Shumlin, the Representative from Putney, sponsored a bill to replace Act 98. The new law, Act 222, was passed creating a roster making non-licensed, non-certified practitioners legal.

APOV, a membership organization, evolved to protect and insure the legitimacy won by Act 222. In addition, it provided information and ongoing support for practitioners on the roster.

The following years consisted of monthly meetings to conduct business and share ideas. This evolved into annual meetings offering varied speakers and workshops which enhanced the members individually and professionally.

After two decades of service to the membership, the initial purpose of insuring the rights and responsibilities of non-licensed, non-certified practitioners was realized.

APOV no longer functions as a membership organization. The founding members continue to meet annually. The web site continues to be maintained to provide an historical perspective as well as to keep a place for any need or eventualities that may possibly come along in the future.

If, and only if, you are part of a group wishing to reactivate APOV, and you feel you do need more information to do so, you may email 31gigante@comcast.net or ray111@comcast.net. Please do not send an email for any other purpose.